joaquin_taul (joaquin_taul) wrote,

Just a little note to let everyone know that I haven't fell off the face of the Earth. I had to do a little life I had to leave that computer alone for a while. I doubt I will post anything major for a while. But to all of you who read my posts, know that I miss reading about all of the interesting things that happen in you lives and I miss the comments and advice you give that help me with my life.

To Julia:
Good luck with the ACT...don't settle for anything less than a

To Mikkii:
Are you guys still moving to Hattiesburg? I miss the emails I "USE" to get from you before you stopped...hint-hint.

To Dani:
Where are you?! I really, really miss you.

To Ashley:
I saw your twin in the grocery store the other day. Spitting image of you...but she didn't have that drop-dead gorgeousness that you have. (Plus, she has three kids, horrible taste in clothes and the thickest Southern accent I've ever heard in my life. As far as the face and the body, she came very close. Just in case you were wondering, her name is Amanda Hutchinson and she is 24 years old...I know that because I told her about you, and that began one of the longest conversations I've ever had with a woman I didn't know.)

To Maureen:
Now that you are finished at USM and Goth Night is a thing of the past, it is unlikely that we will ever see each other again. I wish we could have taken advantage of all those time we bumped into each other to build a better friendship. Say hello to Beth and Michelle.

To Chibs:
You know, I known you for months, we live within an earshot of each other and I still have no idea what you look like. Let see if we can change that...OK?

To everyone else...Laura, Ashley (never_meant), Tani, Paixamour (sorry I don't know your real name)...
Don't forget about me!! I'm still here.
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