joaquin_taul (joaquin_taul) wrote,

finally got a chance to watch the conclusion of the South Park episode where Cartman is in the future, and I was kinda disappointed to see that there are no minorities 500 years in the future. Well, there are two...a black dude and an Asian dude with a Fu Man Chu.
I did, however, like how the robot pets were named by numbers ie... K-10 for the canine, KIT-9 for the feline ( suppose to play off kit-"ten") and COCKA-3 for the cockatoo.
So listen up society, in the future, according to Star Wars and South Park and other futuristic tales, minorities will be non existent. Victory for white people and other races who don't like black people and/or minorities. To everyone else, myself included, SUCKS TO BE YOU!
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