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Emergency/Disaster Relief Survey

To all LiveJournal users:

This survey is an aid for a public relations assignment/campaign. 


-to give voice to those people whose lives have been affected and/or devastated by hurricane, tornado, flood and/or other natural disasters,

-to provide information on victims' lives before and after the catastrophe(s),

-to evaluate any assistance and aid for victims (i.e. medical, insurance, food, water, supplies, area shelters, etc...)

-to determine better preventative methods for weather-related emergencies in the future.

Please take a moment to complete the survey.

Name (optional):







Select the answer that best describes your opinion .
1.Strongly Agree           2.Agree        3.Neutral    4.Disagree       5.Strongly Disagree

I live in an area where weather-related disasters occur regularly:

The area where I live is usually regularly affected by weather-related disasters:

I have an effective emergency plan in case of weather-related disasters:

The emergency services in my area respond promptly to weather-related disasters:

The area where I live is adequately prepared for post-disaster assistance:

I  was living in a  place that was destroyed or seriously damaged by weather-related disaster(s):


I have sufficient warning before a weather related emergency occurred:


I receive warning from a media source (i.e. television, radio, internet, etc…):


I was advised to evacuate the area by law enforcement:


I was forced to relocate following the weather-related emergency:


I thought the weather-related disaster and its aftermath would not be as bad as it was and/or I waited too long to react:


I, or someone living with me, was physically unable to leave:


I did not have transportation to leave:


I stayed at a shelter following the weather-related disaster:


I was provided with medical assistance following the weather-related emergency:


I lost time at work/school due to the weather-related emergency:


I and/or someone close to me was lost, injured or killed by a weather-related emergency:


I depended on federal/state assistance following the weather-related emergency:


I received federal/state assistance following the weather-related emergency:


I was insured for weather-related emergency:


I went without power for more than seven (7) days following the weather-related disaster:


I witnessed unusual or uncharacteristic behavior from people in the area:


I feel that government agencies (i.e. FEMA, MEMA, National Guard, etc…) responded to the emergency effectively and competently:


I believe race or social status had nothing to do with the effectiveness of the assistance given by law enforcement and/or government agencies:


My annual household income is:

()under $20,000           ()$20,000-39,999        ()$40,000-74,999        ()over $75,000

Additional comments:

If you are interested in the results of this survey or if you have other questions, contact:

Jaymes Evans at


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