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I apologize for wasting anyone's time with my post the other day. I doubt anyone took the time to look at the post...many of you didn't read it or had a chance to read it. However, the purpose of this isn't to complain or anything. This is a thank you note.

The purpose of the post was to invite anyone , who was interested, to check out my community. It wasn't offensive and I felt that it was relevant to everyone. But I was wrong.
Anyway, the project was part of a PRAXIS for my Critical Race Theory course at the Univ. of Southern Mississippi. After explaining it to my instructor, I expressed my doubt that anyone would be interested in something like this because most people (especially college students) are not interested in anyone other than themselves. They [people in general] are not concerned about improving race relation, giving in to the idea of meeting new people or denouncing outdated traditions, values or ideas that could possibly make them more aware of societal differences. Instead, she convinced me that the simplicity of my idea would make the venture popular. "Find any and every outlet you can, and introduce your plan," she said. So I figured LiveJournal would be the perfect outlet...Hundreds of thousands of students and people with open minds and willingness to try something new would jump on the chance to go out and learn more about their fellow man or woman, and at the very least, they will make a new friend or two. But what I got was " the rules, there's not many so try to follow them.", "Freedom includes the freedom to be a racist asshat. Such a project is counter to the American project.", "IMHO, I thought fighting for self sufficiency was enough. Tell me one thing you will gain from desegregation, that you cannot gain from a complete self-sufficiency and separation, besides playing with blonde hair blue eyed kids." along with several other comments. I showed to my instructor today and she laughed because the previous posts were about painting nails in class, pleas for people to add or be added to facebooks and whether or not it is alright to use a cell phone in class.
The point is that I proved to her that many people are self-centered and they wouldn't be interested in this unless it benefited them in a materialistic way. Even though the concept of this project is similar to making a new friend or asking someone on a date, I knew it would be rejected.
So, thank you everyone because the only thing I like more than having my ideas and suggestions rejected by others is proving to the person who suggested that I share my ideas with others is a bad idea in the first place.

_pasadizo , you're cool with me. Thanks for taking a chance when no one else would.

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